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JamAlula is JamAlicious! I absolutely devoured your peach, plum, and red raspberry flavors. Honestly, I like your jam better than real fruit. My favorite was the red raspberry, although all were consistently very good. You could tell the fruit was picked at exactly the right moment for canning. The flavors were all delightful and perfectly balanced, never sugary or overpowering. The consistency was loose with soft bits of fruit. Summer in a jar is an accurate description of your wonderful creation.

Alan Henning 
Nashua, New Hampshire

Alan Henning


I used to always buy the store bought jams with all these crazy chemical ingredients...not anymore!! 
The Jamalula jams are so fresh and natural. The taste is pure and they go on anything! The creative flavors allow you to always mix it up and try new fruits. It's also a great way to have access to many fruity flavors regardless of the season!"

Natalie W.


A light distinctively fruity taste with just 3 natural ingredients! Absolutely love the Red Raspberry and Blackberry JamAlula's! Well done JamAlula! Or as I say...lip smacking good!

Steve P


JamAlula ROCKS! Blackberry is my favorite so far. Tastes fresh, just the right amount of sugar, as to not overwhelm the fruit. My taste buds thanked me and I actually smiled.

Larry B.


Dear Marc and Elaine,

I want you to know that you're responsible for

Making our lives a bit sweeter during these crazy times by coming up with a great Jam products from Jamalula.

Erica and I enjoy breakfast toast with jam now, and by far the best jams are made by you.

I can't wait for the second shipment to arrive,  and as hard that it's going to be,  I'll have to share the wealth with my family..

Our favorite is the fig, but no complaints about the rest of them. 

Good luck with your endeavors, keep producing your great jams

Erica and Izzy Steinberg


Is it considered bad manners to lick the jar? I cannot get enough of the Raspberry jam, its delicious. I kept coming up with excuses to eat crumpets or muffins to spread on, I need to try it with Vanilla ice cream too, cant wait for the next jar.

Jennifer D


The Peach and raspberry were so delicious! Loved the flavor! Perfect on toast or just by themselves! I let my mom taste and you got a BIG thumbs up from a 77 year old Greek pastry maker!Thanks so much and hope to be ordering more.

Vivian Demarinis-Haik


I received 4 jars as a gift. What a wonderful treat! My gift shopping is easy from now on! I will adhere to the strict "one for them, one (or two) for me" policy. Thank you so much for these delicious treats. If you haven't tried the Red Raspberry over chocolate ice cream or the Elephant Heart Plum over vanilla ice cream, I promise you will be hooked!

P.S. The raspberry on New York cheesecake is amazing!!

Edie C.
Richmond, VA

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